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Humanity At its Best: Muslim Woman Pledges Jewellery to Take Care of Hindu Neighbour

MANGALURU — A Muslim woman turned Good Samaritan for her Hindu neighbour. In a heart-warming incident which speaks volumes on humanity, Fathima from Madikeri has travelled all the way to Mangaluru to ensure her 35-year-old neighbour Raju’s life is saved with timely treatment.

Raju, a resident of Madikeri Siddapura Nelyahudhukeri has been paralyzed for the last 12 years. He suffers from kidney problems and his condition turned critical since the last couple of days. Raju is taken care by his mother Leelamma aged 65, who earns a living by growing vegetables.

Raju lying on hospital bed.

The house they live in is on a verge of collapse and the family is suffering due to lack of finances. Moved by the plight of the mother and son, a Muslim woman named Fathima, who is Raju’s neighbour, took him to Madikeri hospital. But doctors suggested her to take him to a hospital in Mangaluru for further treatment.

Raju and his mother had no money to pay for ambulance to shift Raju to Mangaluru from Madikeri. So Fathima obtained a loan by pledging her daughter’s jewellery and succeeded in bringing Raju along with his elderly mother to Mangaluru for further treatment.

Fathima is taking all kinds of initiative to help her neighbour Raju recover. Raju’s mother who has difficulty in walking was unable to attend her son. However, Fathima is taking care of them.

SKSSF Vikaya Dakshina district vice chairman Taajuddin Tarly appreciates Fathima’s selfless service towards her neighbour.

“We visited Raju. He is in need of ICU facility but there is no ICU facility in the hospital to get dialysis done. The doctor has assured to move Raju to another hospital. People like Fathima, instill people’s faith in humanity,” he said.