A Tale of Harevali Village in India's National Capital and Forced Conversion of Its Muslims to Hindu Religion - IAMC
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A Tale of Harevali Village in India’s National Capital and Forced Conversion of Its Muslims to Hindu Religion

This non-descript village surrounded with green fields from all sides was totally unknown and unsung till recently. It came into limelight after a 22-year-old Dilshad was badly beaten up by a few local youths on April 5… Dilshad was brutally beaten up for he was suspected to be a carrier of coronavirus as he had returned from a congregation of Tablighi Jamaat.

After Dilshad was tortured by the Jats and Brahmin youths on April 5, the senior male members of all the 12 Muslim families were called by the village Hindu leaders to the village square in the afternoon. All of them were first abused and beaten up with sticks. An old Muslim woman was also beaten up and pushed to the ground when she objected.

All the Muslims were then sent back to their homes. After a few minutes, Hindu youths were sent to the Muslim houses who forcibly brought Muslim elders in batches of twos and threes to the village temple.… “The next thing they did was that they put drops of “gau mutra”(cow urine) on our palms and asked us to sip it in front of the entire village. They told us that we have all become Hindus now. You are now converted from Islam to Hinduism”… “The villagers also told us that you can live here only as Hindus otherwise you will have to quit the village”