#AdiosModi: The Giant Protests Outside 'Howdy Modi' In Houston That The Indian Media Didn't Show You - By Rohini Chatterji - IAMC
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#AdiosModi: The Giant Protests Outside ‘Howdy Modi’ In Houston That The Indian Media Didn’t Show You – By Rohini Chatterji

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s event ‘Howdy Modi’ in Houston was held on Sunday night, amid much attention from the Indian media and gushing from NRIs.… What the Indian media did not say, the media in the US did. CNN said Trump and Modi were two sides of the same coin. Modi was even accused of stroking Trump’s ego.

…what the TV channels forgot to show was a massive protest in Houston in light of the ‘Howdy Modi’ event. People used the hashtag #AdiosModi to ask Modi to go back and serve up answers on what was happening in Kashmir which was still under lockdown. The crowd was a diverse gathering of Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians.

Protesters carried posters saying ‘Real Hindus don’t lynch’ and ‘Hinduism is real, hindutva is fake’. There were chants of “Modi, Modi you can’t hide, you committed genocide”. Modi’s critics called the Howdy Modi event a place where white extremists met Hindu extremists. Al Jazeera reported that thousands had gathered outside the stadium to protest against Modi.