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AIIMS doctors assaulted by cop in MP, blamed for spreading Coronavirus

Doctors continue to come under attack in Madhya Pradesh, but this time they haven’t been assaulted by local residents in any coronavirus containment zone. Instead, they came under attack by a man in khakhi.

The shocking incident happened in Bhopal on Wednesday evening, when two resident doctors – Dr Yuvraj Singh and Dr Rituparna Jana – of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS, Bhopal) were returning home after emergency duty at the hospital. “We were returning home from emergency duty, when we were stopped by a police patrol party. Despite showing our identity cards, the cops not only assaulted us, but even abused us and blamed us for spreading coronavirus,” alleged one of the two doctors Dr Rituparna Jana.

With the cops continuing to abuse and assault the two PG resident doctors, both the medicos had no option but to leave their belongings behind and escape from the spot.… While Dr Yuvraj Singh’s hand was fractured, Dr Rituparna sustained injuries on her leg.…


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