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Amnesty International India Slams Demolition Of Properties Of Muslims By Madhya Pradesh Government

Amnesty International India has slammed Madhya Pradesh’s Hindu extremist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government for bulldozing Muslim-owned homes and shops in Khargone city, where Hindu extremists attacked Muslims during the Hindu festival of Ram Navami on Sunday.

“Over the last few days, the country has witnessed some deeply disturbing events related to unlawful action of demolishing private property of people suspected of rioting, allegedly without notice or other due process requirements is a major blow to the rule of law,” said Aakar Patel, chair of Amnesty International India.

“The majority of the demolished properties are owned by the Muslims. Such punitive demolition of family homes of suspects could also amount to collective punishment, violation of International Human Rights Laws,” he added.

“The authorities must urgently carry out a thorough, impartial and transparent investigation into the demolitions… Victims must be provided with effective remedy. It is the duty of the state to protect all people within its jurisdiction, including minority communities.”

Under the approval of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, 45-50 properties have been razed, robbing Muslims from economically disadvantaged backgrounds of their homes and livelihoods.

Hindu Extremist Attacks Muslim Youth With Sword After Watching ‘Kashmir Files’ Film

A Hindu extremist brutally attacked 18-year-old Amanulla Irfan, a Muslim, with a sword after watching the hateful anti-Muslim propaganda film The Kashmir Files in Karnataka state. The extremist, Honnappa, attacked Irfan on his way back from watching the film.

A graphic image of Irfan’s injury shows a large, bloody gash just beneath his ear. Irfan is currently receiving treatment for his injuries.

Karnataka police arrested Honnappa after Irfan lodged a complaint. However, it is unclear whether Honnappa will be punished adequately for his hate crime, given that India’s justice system rarely gives heavy sentences to Hindu extremists.

Viral videos of theater screenings of The Kashmir Files show Hindu extremist audiences chanting violent anti-Muslim slogans, including “shoot the traitors,” in response to the film’s hateful depiction of Kashmiri Muslims.

JNU Students Report Hindu Extremists Groped, Threatened Rape Threats During Anti-Muslim Violence

Students at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) reported that Hindu supremacist students from the Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), which is affiliated with the paramilitary Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), sexually harassed 8-10 women women during the outbreak of violence at JNU on Ram Navami. 

“At the Kaveri hostel that day, it started with ABVP members throwing at us whatever they could get their hands on. Flower pots, broken waste, and such. At one point, an iron rod hit me in the thigh. It was only later as we started walking out of the hostel that we were met with rape threats,” said Aatika Singh, one of the students from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) who was attacked by goons from the Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

“The first man (from ABVP) said that he cannot hit me because I am a woman. His friend from the same organization responded with ‘just rape her,’” she added.

Dolan Samanta, another student, reported that some Hindu extremist students twisted her arm behind her back and then groped her while using sexual slurs against her. Another student who requested anonymity reported that she was struck on her cheek and her hair was grabbed and pulled. She was also called using the derogatory term “randi,” meaning “sex worker.”

“This is a pattern. Muslim, Adavasi, Dalit women get targeted often. Just that this time, the excuse was meat,” Singh said, referring to the fact that Hindu extremist students had instigated the violence by harassing and threatening a worker who had delivered chicken to a hostel kitchen.

Hindu Extremist Police Beat Muslim Youth, Retired Muslim Cop During Khargone Violence

A retired Muslim cop was violently thrashed by a police officer wielding a baton when he set foot outside of his house during the Hindu extremist instigated violence in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh.

“When I stepped out of my house there were policemen standing in the corner of the lane… The locals pointed toward me following which a policeman walked up to me and asked me to get back into my house. When I told him that I was also a police officer he asked me to go to hell and charged his lathi at me,” said the man.

Other disturbing police brutality videos have surfaced, showing police officers grabbing hold of young Muslim men by the neck and beating them.

“Visuals of police personnel attacking Muslims have been shared… from Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone. Critics complain that police are torturing Muslims following Ram Navami celebrations that turned violent,” reported Indian news outlet Maktoob Media.