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Hindu Extremist Government Begins Bulldozing Muslim Properties In Gujarat

The Hindu extremist government of Gujarat state has mirrored Madhya Pradesh state in bulldozing homes and properties belonging to Muslims. The demolitions began soon after a clash during the Hindu festival of Ram Navami, during which Hindu extremists across India instigated violence against Muslims.

The government, which is controlled by the Hindu extremist Bharatiya Janata Party, has used the excuse of punishing some rioters to render vulnerable Muslim familes homeless. Demolishing homes as retribution for rioting is illegal. Amnesty International has stated that these discriminatory demolitions are a violation of International Human Rights Law.

However, the local officials in Gujarat have said that the demolition drive will continue with full force in the coming days.

“Miscreants had used the bushes and thick vegetation to attack the procession. Hence, we have launched a drive from today to clear bushes and illegal structures built on government land alongside a road in Shakarpura. This drive will continue in the coming days till the entire area is cleared,” said District Collector M. Y. Daxini.

Mob Of 60 Hindu Extremists Attack And Rob Muslim Family During Iftar

A mob of 60 Hindu extremists terrorized a Muslim family by breaking into their home, robbing them, and physically assaulting the family members in a shocking and violent incident of hate crime. 22-year-old Abdul Malik reported that the Hindu extremists went as far as to pelt stones at his blind father and elderly mother, kicked his pregnant wife repeatedly in the stomach, and threatened to rape his sister.

“When we sat for iftar, we heard a group of 15 people shouting slogans of Jai Shree Ram outside our house. Soon more people joined them and the crowd increased to over 60 all of them carrying stones and spheres in their hands. They soon started pelting stones at our house,” Malik reported.

“The goons forced us to chant Jai Shree Ram with them. When we revolted and asked them to make peace with us, they threatened to rape my sister. My uncle is badly injured and has been given 10 stitches on his head, and four below his eye.”

So far, none of the Hindu extremists involved in the hateful attack have been caught or punished by the police.

Hindu Extremist Mob Arsons Muslim-Owned Homes, Falsely Accuse Muslim Man Of Kidnapping Hindu Woman

A Hindu extremist mob arsoned two homes belonging to a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh state. The attack was carried out by eight members of the Hindu extremist group Dharam Jagran Samanvay Sangh, who resorted to violence and arson despite the fact that the Hindu woman stated openly that she had chosen to be with him.

The mob torched two homes belonging to Sajid, a gym owner in Agra city, after the woman went missing on April 11, prompting her family to file a missing persons report. Hindu extremists in the area are now calling for Sajid’s arrest, ignoring a video clip where the woman stated that she is an adult and had gone willingly with Sajid.

Hindu extremist mobs have grown increasingly bold in using violence and even murder to stop interfaith relationships between Muslim men and Hindu women, claiming that Muslim men have an agenda to seduce and convert Hindu women through “Love Jihad.”

Elderly Muslim Man Attacked by Police In Khargone, Madhya Pradesh

As a growing number of people continue reporting police brutality against Muslims following violence during Ram Navami, journalist Arbab Ali shared a disturbing video of an elderly Muslim man being attacked by police when he stepped out of his home to buy milk for Iftar.

The man was brutally beaten and raged at by police despite his pleas for mercy.

“Where was your Roza (fast) when you were throwing petrol bombs,” the policeman can be heard saying as he attacks the man with a baton.

Other reports of brutality against Muslims include incidents of policemen thrashing young Muslim men and beating a retired Muslim police officer. No action has been taken to punish the officers for their hateful attacks, despite them being filmed.