Muslim Body Moves Supreme Court Against Demolishing Muslim-Owned Homes  - IAMC

Muslim Body Moves Supreme Court Against Demolishing Muslim-Owned Homes 

The Muslim body Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind has moved the Indian Supreme Court seeking an end to the targeted and discriminatory demolitions of Muslim homes in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. In its petition, the organization stated that razing a house as part of a criminal proceeding as a punishment is “unknown to criminal law.”

“Petitioners also seek a declaration that residential accommodations or any commercial property cannot be demolished as a punitive measure… It is further prayed that directions be issued for Ministers, Legislators, and anybody unconnected with the criminal investigation to be restrained from apportioning criminal responsibility… until a determination by a criminal court,” the petition said.

The petition was raised as the homes of Muslims deemed to be “rioters” continued to be demolished in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, despite the fact that Hindu extremists who instigated the violence during the holiday Ram Navami have largely walked free, with no consequences for threatening and harassing vulnerable minorities.

Authorities in both states have used the excuse of “rioting” to bulldoze the properties. However, through a blatant disregard for the judicial process, Muslims have been targeted indiscriminately. One Muslim man in Madhya Pradesh had his home bulldozed over accusations of stone pelting, despite the fact that both his hands were amputated.

Meanwhile, the extremist organization Hindu Raksha Vahini demanded that Uttarakhand state follow suit with the targeted demolitions following Hindu extremist-instigated violence in Roorkee city.

“Hindu Raksha Vahini threatens Dharm Sansad (Hindu hate speech event) in 2 days, if Muslim homes are not destroyed by Bulldozer,” tweeted Satyam Tiwari, who works with the news publication Newsclick India. The tweet was accompanied by a video of a Hindu Raksha Vahini representative making the threat.

In Joint Statement, Opposition Leaders Say Armed Mobs Has Backing Of Modi’s BJP Government

A group of 13 Indian opposition leaders released a joint statement slamming Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and expressing concern over the wave of anti-Muslim hate crimes surging across India in the wake of Ram Navami. The opposition leaders further stated that Hindu extremist mobs are backed by the government, adding to the danger.

“We are shocked at the silence of the Prime Minister, who has failed to speak against the words and actions of those who propagate bigotry and those who, by their words and actions, incite and provoke our society. This silence is an eloquent testimony to the fact that such private armed mobs enjoy the luxury of official patronage,” they said in the joint statement.

The statement was signed by several prominent opposition leaders, including Sonia Gandhi, president of Indian National Congress; Sharad Pawar, president of the Nationalist Congress Party; Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist); as well as the Chief Ministers of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Jharkhand states.

Delhi Police File Case Against Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal Members After Illegal Procession

Delhi police have filed a case against members of the Hindu extremist groups Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal for illegally holding a religious procession during the festival Hanuman Jayanti in the city’s Jahangirpuri area.

The illegal procession sparked violent clashes in the area, leading to stone pelting, police officers being injured, and vehicles being arsoned. However, despite the procession being led by Hindu supremacists, who are known to hold processions while blasting hateful anti-Muslim songs, harassing worshipers in mosques, and committing hate crimes, Muslims are bearing the brunt of the blame for the outbreak of violence.

The opposition Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has also blamed the BJP for the Jahangirpuri violence, stating that the AAP’s Hanuman Jayanti procession had been entirely peaceful, with no provocation.

“Why is it that such violence doesn’t take place in AAP’s events and only happens when BJP organizes it?” the AAP asked in a statement. “Seeing how the recent events have panned out, it is clear that the BJP itself is behind the violence.”

Hindu Extremist Monk Yati Narsinghanand Makes Inflammatory Hate Speech Against Muslims

Hindu extremist leaders across India made a number of dangerous and inflammatory hate speeches against Muslims over the weekend. In Delhi, Surendra Jain, international joint general secretary of the extremist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad, claimed that the “jihadi terrorism bomb is ticking in Delhi which can explode any time.”

“The jihadi mentality is definitely responsible for violence in Jahangirpuri and this is not only happening in India or Delhi but all over the world,” claimed Jain, referring to a recent communal clash following a procession during the Hindu religious festival Hanuman Jayanti. Jain failed to criticize the wave of Hindu terrorism sweeping over the nation during Ram Navami, where Hindu supremacists repeatedly attacked and threatened Muslims and their properties.

Meanwhile, Hindu supremacist leader Yati Narsinghanand spewed hateful anti-Muslim remarks during a hate speech event in Himachal Pradesh state, violating the conditions of his bail yet again. Narsinghanand’s dangerous fear-mongering included claims that 40% of Hindus will be killed by Muslims within 20 years if they do not become “strong.” He also urged Hindus to have more children to prevent India from becoming “an Islamic nation.”

This is the second time Narsinghanand has violated his conditions for bail, following a hate speech event in Delhi when he called for Hindus to pick up arms. No action has been taken against him for the clear violation.

Nashik Police Commissioner Bans Playing Hindu Religious Songs During Muslim Call To Prayer

Police Commisisoner Deepak Pandey of Nashik city in Maharastra state issued a directive stating that no one will be allowed to play any songs on loudspeakers in the 15-minute span before and after the call of the azaan, or the Muslim call to prayer, within range of any mosques within his jurisdiction.

The directive was issued after the Hindu extremist group Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) called for a ban on loudspeakers in mosques and threatened to blast Hindu devotional songs during the azaan if the government did not issue a ban on the Muslim call to prayer.

However, mosques and other religious institutions were ordered to seek a permit for using loudspeakers or else face legal consequences.