An appeal to the Supreme Court after its Haren Pandya judgment: Examine the "Gujarat Files" tapes as evidence - By Rana Ayyub - IAMC
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An appeal to the Supreme Court after its Haren Pandya judgment: Examine the “Gujarat Files” tapes as evidence – By Rana Ayyub

On 5 July, a Supreme Court division bench led by the judge Arun Mishra overturned a 2011 judgment of the Gujarat high court. The high court had acquitted 12 men accused of murdering Haren Pandya, a former home minister of Gujarat, in 2003. In the acquittal, the court condemned the Central Bureau of Investigation’s probe into the case…

Azam Khan, an associate of Sheikh and a key witness in the case, told a Mumbai court in late 2018 that “during discussion with Sohrabuddin, he told me that he … got the contract to kill … Haren Pandya of Gujarat.” Sohrabuddin told him that “the contract was given to him by Vanzara” – referring to DG Vanzara, a former deputy inspector-general of Gujarat Police, who served during Narendra Modi’s tenure as chief minister of the state. Amit Shah, the former minister of state for home in Gujarat who is now the union home minister, was once the prime accused in the Sohrabuddin case.…

Investigative journalists face dangerous times – my colleague Gauri Lankesh, who translated Gujarat Files to Kannada, was shot dead, ostensibly for her work against right-wing forces. The comment about my book may serve to incite those who have targeted me through the years, allowing them to discredit my work, even though it has been critical of both the ruling dispensation and the opposition. I request the court to right this – to allow me to furnish the facts to India’s highest judicial body.