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Arnab Goswami’s exposed for creating imaginary ‘Modi Wave,’ ground reality paints contradictory pictures

Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami recently declared that the huge turnout at Narendra Modi’s roadshow in Varanasi was the evidence India once again was experiencing a ‘Modi Wave.’ A visibly excited Goswami declared on his prime time debate that because of the new ‘Modi Wave,’ the BJP had no contest from the opposition parties.

He announced, “The storm of support for Narendra Modi, and it is a storm, may not be localised to his constituency. Let me tell you this. Because right in the middle of this general elections, the gap between Modi and the rest has become wider. Political parties taking on Modi have realised that across this entire country the real candidate of the NDA is not the local candidate, it is Modi himself.”…

Some panelists on his show made valiant efforts to counter Goswami’s assertions by highlighting that the BJP had paid huge money to hire people to be part of Modi’s roadshow. But this argument fell on Goswami’s deaf ears. One guest was asked to consult a psychiatrist Modi supporter Madhu Kishwar because he implied that crowd were paid to turn up in Modi’s roadshow.…