Assam on edge as India's Rohingya moment threatens millions in Modi's Hindu power play - By Debasish Roy Chowdhury - IAMC
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Assam on edge as India’s Rohingya moment threatens millions in Modi’s Hindu power play – By Debasish Roy Chowdhury

…According to data from Citizens of Justice and Peace, the NRC exercise has so far driven 57 people to suicide.…The stress and shame over losing citizenship, and the fear of being incarcerated, have also taken lives. Gauranga Roy died of a heart attack when he learned he was not on the list. So too did Mujibar Rahman, on his way back from an NRC office, where he went to find out why his wife’s name had been struck off.

The government this week said those who found themselves excluded from the final NRC list would get four months to appeal to the tribunals and higher courts, during which time they would be able to keep their citizenship. There is no official word on what happens should their appeals be overturned.…

Those who will lose citizenship are eventually liable to be incarcerated and deported, though Bangladesh has expressed no interest in taking them. That means India has to build a lot of detention centres, and quickly, or millions of people will be forced to live as second-class Indian citizens with limited rights and unlimited vulnerability.…