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Beyond religion, touching humanity

In today’s edgy environment, where communal harmony seems to be shrinking, a village near Chandigarh is setting a standard in secularism by taking care of a dargah built about 192 years ago. The iconic dargah located at Manakpur Sharif village near Chandigarh is dedicated to Sharif Hazrat Muhammad Moosa Chisti Sabri RA, (who is murshid of Hazrat Shah Khamosh Hyderabadi RA).

Manakpur Sharif falls in Majri Tehsil of SAS district of Punjab. The village, which was dominated by Muslims before 1947, saw a mass exodus during the Partition. Muslims flew in large numbers but left behind a legacy, which has set a precedent of unity in diversity. The village has just a few Muslim families today and is largely dominated by the Sikh community. But its remnants still speak volumes of an era gone by. The dargah, built in the 19th century, has since then, become a sacred space for people of all religions.…

With no history of any violent clashes, pitting one religion against the other, this nondescript village is certainly an inspiration and a motivating force in a country where food orders are cancelled if being delivered by persons of ‘other’ religion.