Bihar mosque opened for non-Muslims amid growing anti-CAA protests  - IAMC
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Bihar mosque opened for non-Muslims amid growing anti-CAA protests 

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, a mosque in Bihar today opened its door for non-Muslims to visit the mosque premises, watch the live prayer sessions and get familiar with various Islamic activities. The main objective of the initiative is to bridge the gap between the rival communities and promote communal harmony.…

Dozens of non-Muslims today made a beeline to make a tour of the historic Bhainsasur Badi Masjid in Biharsharif under Nalanda district, a seat of multiple religions and faiths and had a close look over the mosque activities. They were taken to each and every corner of the Masjid by the organisers, made to watch live prayer sessions, informed about various Islamic activities and were also told the meaning of various words Muslims use during prayers, such as Allahu Akbar, Hai Ya Alal Falah, and La Ilaha Illallah.

The visitors, who included both men and women and from various faiths, were given warm welcome at the mosque which remained open from 10 am to 4 pm today. “There has been a lot of confusion about Islam and mosques. The non-Muslims are curious to know what we do inside the mosque. So we decided to open the door of our mosque for non-Muslims to understand our religion and Islamic activities,” Bhainsasur Badi Masjid committee president Ishtiyaq Ahmed told The Statesman over the phone today.