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Citizenship Laws and the Nazification of India

“Shoot the traitors!” A cry raised by a group of young men, dressed in saffron, the color of the Hindu right, at a metro station in Delhi on February 29, 2020, following massified violence targeting Muslims. The Hindu right’s popular victory in the 2019 elections signaled the reign of majoritarian fascists in India today.

The expanse of power captured by the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) authorized the co-production and conjoining of Hindu nationalism (wherein nationalism is modified by Hinduism) with nationalist Hinduism (wherein Hinduism is modified by nationalism, cultural dominance, majoritarianism, and statehood), a nonpareil characteristic of post-2014 India.…

…As of March 6, 53 persons have died. Politically and purposively, Delhi 2020 is perhaps the continuation of the pogrom ignited in Gujarat in 2002 under Mr. Modi’s chief ministership. This prolonged persecution and massacre was routed through episodic violence in Odisha, 2007-2008, against Christians, Dalits and Adivasis, and in Muzaffarnagar, 2013, against Muslims. “Citizenship” laws in India today aim to determine to whom political and civil rights may be accorded. They are akin to the Nuremberg Laws instituted in September 1935 in Nazi Germany.…


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