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Communal Harmony at its best: Muslim society in Rangiya performs Hindu man’s funeral rites

Holding a unique instance of brotherhood and unity irrespective of caste and religion, a group of Muslim people in Rangia was seen performing the last rites of a Hindu person. This is an incident of Khandikar in Rangiya in which a person named Rajkumar Gour, living with his wife and little kids, breathed his last on Friday night. The dead person, cheated by destiny, did not even have his family members to accompany him to the funeral pyre and perform his last rites.

Notably, Gaur had been living in the house of one Saddam Hussain for several years with his children and wife. Although Gaur also had two young sons and three other daughters, none of them came forward to extend a hand of help to their father in his ailing days. Both the sons of the deceased person are earning for their livelihood but have no compassion or affection for their father for which they left him to deal with the situation and thus die helplessly.

But this incident of the Hindu man dying and later being carried away by the Muslim neighbours to perform his last rites has set an instance of strong bonding that has been prevailing in Assam since the days of Sankar-Ajan. The Muslim society with whom Gaur lived along with his family, came forward to help the family and made sure that the funeral rites are performed purely as per the Hindu rituals.…