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‘Complete Charade’: Activists, Civil Society Groups Condemn Triple Talaq Bill

Several activists, including those specifically devoted to women’s rights, have released a statement condemning the government’s attempts to “criminalise Muslim men in the guise of protecting Muslim women” through the Triple Talaq Bill which was passed on Tuesday in the Rajya Sabha.

Questioning why the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights of Marriage) Bill, 2019, was not sent to a parliamentary committee but instead passed in “great haste,” the signatories vowed to petition President Ram Nath Kovind to not sign it into a law. The president’s assent is the only step left for the Bill to become an Act.

“At a time when all right-thinking Indians are alarmed at the daily barbaric acts of lynching of Muslims and the impunity to the perpetrators being provided by the government, this bill is a complete charade. You cannot pretend to save Muslim women, while seeking to bring the Muslim community to its knees,” the statement read.…