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Cop to pro-CAA group: ‘Go ahead and throw stones

President Donald Trump landed in a Delhi whose peripheries smouldered with violent disorder on Monday.… The stage had been set on Sunday night when a controversial BJP leader led a procession in Jaffrabad, where women and children had been protesting against the CAA. Subsequently, the first round of clashes had broken out.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah, who have not held talks with the CAA protesters, were silent on the violence till Monday night.… On Sunday night, video clips of a group chanting “Jai Shri Ram”, collecting stones and loading on to a truck surfaced on social media. In one clip, the group could be seen and heard cheering and sloganeering just as a tractor full of stones and brick was unloaded.…

…Reuters news agency witnesses saw the outnumbered policemen mostly stand beside those backing the citizenship law and do little to quell the violence. The police also stood by as a mob vandalised a store with a Muslim name, pulling out vehicles and setting them alight. “Go ahead and throw stones,” a policeman shouted to a group backing the law, during one of the running battles.…


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