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Dalit Legislator Arrested For Criticizing Modi’s Silence After Anti-Muslim Violence

Jignesh Mevani, a Dalit leader and legislator from Gujarat state, was arrested for criticizing Narendra Modi’s silence over outbreaks of Hindu extremist violence across India. In a tweet, which has now been withheld in India, after Indian government’s demand, Mevani stated that Modi reveres Nathuram Godse, the man who assassinated Gandhi and a member of the paramilitary Hindu supremacist organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

“PM Modi, whose god is Godse, claims to worship Gandhi. To keep up that pretence he should at least appeal to his ideological brethren to stop using Hindu festivals as pretexts to foment anti Muslim violence,” Mevani tweeted.

A complaint was filed by a resident in Assam, Anup Kumar Dey, who alleged that the tweet “caused widespread criticism and has the propensity to disturb public tranquility.”

Mevani’s arrest has resulted in outcry from Indian political leaders, who have condemned the Modi government’s crackdown on dissent on Twitter.

“The arrest of Dalit leader @jigneshmevani80 by Assam Police looks politically motivated. The fascist Govt is leaving no stone unturned to intimidate the voices of the opposition. RSS & Modi are not immune to criticism and arrest for criticizing them is a blatant violation of law,” tweeted Ajit Kumar Bhuyan, a member of the Indian Parliament.

“Arresting MLA @jigneshmevani80, a dalit leader from Gujarat, only for a tweet is unconstitutional & I condemn such discriminatory activity,” said Debabrata Saikia, Leader of Opposition in the Assam Legislative Assembly.

“Modi ji, you can try to crush dissent by abusing the state machinery. But you can never imprison the truth,” tweeted opposition leader Rahul Gandhi.

Brinda Karat Moves Supreme Court Against Muslim Home Demolitions in New Delhi

Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Brinda Karat, who stood in front of a bulldozer in an attempt to protect Muslim homes, has moved the Supreme Court against the illegal demolitions of Muslim-owned properties in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri.

“The basic rights of the people — the right to live and the rights to employment and shelter — were violated. At the same time, the demolition led to contempt for the principle of natural justice. Therefore, while canceling the order of demolition, the court should also fix compensation for these victims and order the government to pay the compensation within a stipulated time frame,” Karat stated in a plea.

She further described the drive as an “inhuman, illegal, and immoral” act that clearly targets Muslims.

Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders have defended their actions by calling Muslims “illegal immigrants” and engaging in open hate speech against the vulnerable minority group.

“Just like we have seen in certain places in Europe — in Sweden, Holland and Belgium etc — where immigrant communities have created no-go zones where people or even police are afraid to go, it seems illegal immigrants have replicated the same in Delhi… we have seen them using illegal guns and working from illegal constructions. You can see the demeanor of those people, dressed like dons (mafia leaders),” said Baijayant Panda, one of the BJP’s vice presidents.

Hindu Supremacists Call For Muslims To Be “Buried” In Uttarakhand

Rajeev Joshi, a member of the Hindu supremacist organization Kali Sena, was captured on video calling for violence against Muslims in Uttarakhand state’s Roorkee city, where Hindu extremists have been terrorizing local Muslims with threats of violence and bulldozing houses for days.

“If the administration doesn’t bury them (Muslims), Kali Sena will come here from all over India and protest, and that protest will be aggressive. Maybe our Sainiks will outnumber the administration,” Joshi was recorded as saying before a Hindu extremist crowd.

Emboldened by winning elections in the four Indian states last month, Hindu extremists have intensified their anti-Muslim campaign across India. by targeting Muslim neighbourhood, homes, businesses and places of worship.