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Delhi Riot: Chronology in Charge Sheet Omits Kapil Mishra’s Speech

In the charge sheets it has filed in connection with the Delhi riots, the Delhi Police has attached as much focus on the “chronology” that allegedly led to the riots, as to the communal violence that took place in February 2020.… The interesting part is that the police’s “chronology” entirely omits BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s speech at Maujpur on 23 February, in which he gave an ultimatum to the Delhi Police to “clear the streets” in three days or he would get it done on his own.

Kapil Mishra’s speech hasn’t been mentioned in the charge sheet at all. This despite the fact that the DCP was present when Mishra gave his ultimatum to the police.… The onus of violence is put entirely on the anti-CAA protesters. This is surprising as according to the police’s own charge sheet, the major clashes broke out on 24 February precisely at Maujpur, the area where Mishra made his speech.

There have been media reports such as this one in Outlook that quote eyewitnesses who claim that Mishra said, “Yahi sahi mauka hai. Isse bhuna lo. Ab chook gaye to dubaara mauka nahi milega. (This is the right time. Exploit it. If you miss it, you won’t get another opportunity). Strangely, the police considers protests in Jamia Millia Islamia – separated from the riots by a period of two months and a distance of over 20 kilometers – more relevant than a provocative speech delivered on the exact area where violence broke out 24 hours later.