Employer 'forcing labourer to eat excreta', is this not Hindu terrorism: activists ask PM - IAMC

Employer ‘forcing labourer to eat excreta’, is this not Hindu terrorism: activists ask PM

Protesting against an incident that took place in Mulshi taluka, where a Dalit labourer was allegedly forced to eat human excreta, social activist Dr Baba Adhav on Friday said he wanted to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi if this was not a case of ‘Hindu terrorism’.

“The Prime Minister said in his speech in Wardha that there is no Hindu terrorism… A poor labourer is being made to eat human excreta by his upper caste master. We want to ask him, what should this inhuman act be called,” said Adhav.

He made the statement during a protest organised by activists from different social organisations, who had gathered at the Pune District Collectorate on Friday to condemn the incident and protest the release of the accused on bail.…



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