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Employing the politics of solidarity against the rise of populism 

We are living in extremely troubled times, amidst rising darkness, in my country, India, and around the world. We witness a world scarred by growing hate, mounting inequality, and the rise of a new kind of leadership around the world. In two of the biggest democracies in the world, India and the US, we have elected such leaders; in many others, these leaders are forming formidable oppositions. …

I think we need to find new instruments, this new grammar of resistance and protest, for responding to hate and inequality, founded on these sibling ideas of solidarity. In India, a group of us resolved to fight this rising and legitimized command hate with a caravan of radical love – Karwan e Mohabbat. We resolved that we would go to the home of every person who is lynched. We won’t go out like human rights groups and ask them to give testimonies. We would go as we would to a loved one that has suffered grievous loss.

We would tell them four things: Firstly, that they are not alone in this suffering; we stand with them. Second, we seek forgiveness for what they have undergone because we could not prevent our country from becoming what it is. And, third, that we will stand with these victim survivors in their struggles for justice and as they rebuild their savagely broken lives. And fourth, we will tell their stories to the world, to break our collective silences.…