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Fake messages on whatsapp create communal tension in Lal Kuan, Delhi

A minor squabble over parking a bike on the night of 30th June, turned into a full blown communal clash the next day in Lal kuan, Delhi. It all started when Aas Mohammed parked his bike in front of a building and one resident of that building Sanjeev Gupta objected to it.…

And soon fake messages over whatsapp began circulating that a Muslim man has been lynched in Lal Kuan locality of Chawri bazar. And many Muslims gathered there the next day and began shouting sloganeering and hurling stones at buildings and in the process the temple at Hauz Qazi was vandalised with glass panes being broken.

Now it was the turn of the Hindus to spread fake messages on social media that an anceint temple has been set ablaze by the Muslims; that the pundit of the temple was badly beaten up by the Muslims. The chain of fake messages did not stop here. The next day there were rumours that Bajrang dal people entered a mosque in Fatehpuri with swords and began sloganeering.… Irtiza Querishi, an activist striving for communal harmony dispelled all these fake messages of whatsapp and appealed to the people that the need of the hour was scarcity of water. And not temple or mosque. Meanwhile Mufti Mukarram appealed to the Muslims to restore the Mandir.…