From Citizen to Subject: Indians have much to introspect - By Mehk Chakraborty - IAMC
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From Citizen to Subject: Indians have much to introspect – By Mehk Chakraborty

Kashmir. The tragic, “cowardly” attack is nothing but a mirror reflecting on the Indian state’s policy, the Indian identity and the Indian conscience: bloodthirsty, no regard for the common life, neither soldier not terrorist, no. The pathological hatred we’ve harboured for our own ancestors; the vile venom spread in the name of love of the nation; the call for war without even an iota of courage to face the consequences; the blatant turning of a blind eye to the oppression of the entire military-state complex.

There is so much talk about after the recent attack on the CRPF convoy in Kashmir that led to the killing of over 40 paramilitary men. Not much talk on the thousands of Kashmiri civilians who have been tortured, disappeared, killed in custody, raped and been turned into a unit of manufacturing votes. The countless violent attacks that have followed on Kashmiris throughout India has but showcased the dark insides of a nationhood thriving on denial of freedom.…

The price of the Indian state subject has become cheap. The mob reactions, bloodthirst and war mongering being called for across the state has nothing to do with cross border actions. At a time for introspection, we choose to terrorise people we so desperately call our own and deny dignity to those who lay down their lives in attempts to defend the growing monster this nation has become. We are a monster of our own making, not of outside forces, however.…