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Gujarat: Hindus keep roza to thank those who fed them

If it wouldn’t have been for his benevolent Muslim neighbourhood, 19-year-old driver in Bodeli, Chirag Tadvi, would have faced starvation during the lockdown. But that’s not how the neighbours in Navinagri slums think – here brotherhood thrives above the material wants. And, it was in that community feeling that a kitchen fed 700-odd mouths daily, including 25-odd Hindus like Tadvi. But the feeling’s mutual. 

As a gesture of solidarity and gratitude, Tadvi and his friends also decided to share something precious to their benefactors – the 27th day of Ramzan fast – on May 20, we decided to observe fast on the 27th day to mark our gratitude for our neighbours who did not discriminate while feeding the needy during lockdown. We also prayed together to ward-off coronavirus,” said Tadvi. Arvind Tadvi, a fruit vendor, said that he will remain eternally grateful to his neighbours for feeding them in the critical times. “We wanted to thank them by offering special prayers for them,” said Tadvi,… “Had they not started the community kitchen, my family would have starved as my work was completely shut due to lockdown,” said Shankar Tadvi, an auto-rickshaw driver, from the slums.