Gurgaon Family Attacked By Mob With Rods, Sticks; Asked To "Go To Pak" - IAMC
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Gurgaon Family Attacked By Mob With Rods, Sticks; Asked To “Go To Pak”

A family in Gurgaon was beaten up by a mob with hockey sticks and iron rods at their home on Thursday, in an attack triggered by a game of cricket on Holi.… The family alleged that the mob verbally abused them and asked them to “go to Pakistan”.

A video of the incident shows a group of men attacking the family’s male members with sticks, as women scream and plead them to stop. Women and children too were allegedly attacked. Among the 14 to 15 members of the joint family who were injured were five children, the youngest a two-year-old.…

The family alleged the police took about 40 minutes to come to their rescue, though they kept calling on the helpline number. By then, the attackers had escaped, they said. The Congress attacked the Narendra Modi government over the attack.… “Is this the ‘new India’ Modi wishes to create – filled with hate & violence?” the party tweeted. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal too condemned the attack. “Hitler too used do this for power. Hitler’s goons used to beat people up, used to murder people. And the police would register case against people who were beaten up,” he tweeted.