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Hindu Extremists Publicly Call For Social & Economic Boycott Against Muslims

A large group of Hindu extremists in the city of Surguja, Chattisgarh, have pledged to socially and economically boycott Muslims and Sikhs, putting the already isolated communities to a more violent environment. 

The group of extremists, which included some children, were caught on camera pledging that they will not sell or lease their lands to any muslim. “From today, we Hindus, will not sell or lease our lands to any Muslims. If we have given away our lands on lease to Muslims we will immediately take them back and we will not labour for, or employ any Muslim for any sort of work.”


The group vowed that they will first verify the religion of any vendor who comes to sell in their communities  or villages and will make the purchase if they identify the seller as  Hindu. The group also vowed to keep this hateful pledge “till the end of their lives.”

This is just the latest in a series of public calls for suffering to be inflicted on India’s Muslim minority, following on the heels of the hateful Haridwar assembly, where Hindu extremists called for a Muslim genocide. Oath-taking events have also been held in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, where people – including a group of school children – pledged to “die and kill” in order to turn India into a Hindu nation.  

Number Of Muslims, Dalits In Jail Disproportionate To Share In Population: Government

India’s National Crime Report Bureau (NCRB) has reported that in 2020, Muslims were imprisoned in disproportionate numbers when compared to Hindus. While Muslims make up only 14.2% of India’s population, they make up a shocking 57.2% of other prisoners, 30.7% of detenues, 19.5% of undertrials, and 17.4% of convicts.

Zafarul Islam Khan, former chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission, observed that in the state of Maharashtra alone, Muslims made up 30% of the prison population.


He pegged the disparity on a number of reasons, including “bias of the police and judicial system, inability of Muslims to hire good lawyers, and their [economic] inability to even pay the small fines mandatory to get parole and reduce jail terms to name a few.”

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party, Hindu extremists have made it easier than ever to land innocent Muslims in jails. Strict anti-conversion laws, which have been passed in several states, make it easy for Hindu vigilantes to aid the police in arresting Muslim men for doing as little as being friends with a Hindu woman. Other states have sought to criminalize cow slaughter and beef consumption, despite India’s constitutional values of pluralism and secularism.

The report also found that Dalits, formerly known as Untouchables, are also disproportionately held in prisons due to the deep-rooted and widespread problem of caste discrimination. 22.5% of detainees, 20.8% of undertrials, 20% of convicts and 19.8% of other prisoners are Dalits, despite the fact that India’s overall Dalit population is only around 16%.

Former Judge Says He Is Disappointed With Supreme Court’s Failure To Act Against Public Call Of Muslim Genocide

Justice Madan B. Lokur, a former Supreme Court Judge, criticized the Indian Supreme Court for its complete failure to take any sort of legal action regarding the Haridwar hate speech assembly. 

In an interview for The Wire, an Indian news publication, Justice Lokur stated that “a call for genocide is the same as genocide itself, according to Article 3 of the Genocide Convention, to which India is a signatory.”


He also said that he was “terribly disappointed” with the Supreme Court for not taking these violent calls for genocide seriously, and pointed out that “none of the Supreme Court’s 30 judges has deemed it appropriate to take cognizance of cries for genocide and act.”

He warned, “If the Supreme Court fails to intervene, we’re headed for trouble.”

The haridwar hate speech assembly which calls for genocide against Muslims is deeply offensive and regreattable. The open calls for muslim baiting and monetary gifting the hindu youth who pledge to kill muslims  is challenging the spirit of Indian consititution.