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Hindu Rashtra at work – By Anupama Katakam

“The problem is not EVMs [electronic voting machines]. The problem is that the mindset has been tampered with. In 17 years, they have been able to completely change the way people think. This victory is a result of that,” says Sharif Malek, a survivor of the anti-Muslim pogrom of 2002 in Gujarat, on the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) sweep in the parliamentary election.

“Obviously, we are shocked at the results from Gujarat as we were hoping the Congress would win a few seats here. We are resigned to our situation. We have to find a way to move forward in this new India,” says Malek, who is part of the team fighting for justice in the Naroda Gam case, one of nine riot cases the Special Investigation Team probed. Judgment in the case is pending.…

They believe Gujarat is an example of the Hindutva project’s success. Modi is making the right noises on inclusiveness, but Gujarat’s Muslims are not buying his claim that there will be no discrimination on the basis of caste, sect or religion under his “trust for all” slogan. “What’s happening to us can happen to the entire country,” says Malek.…