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Hate speech’ at Mumbai event (1)

Hindu supremacist leaders call for Muslim slaughter at event attended by 10,000

Nearly 10,000 Hindu supremacists – including lawmakers from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and members of India’s most notorious extremist groups – held a massive march in Mumbai city in Maharashtra state, during which Hindu supremacist leaders openly called for the slaughter of Indian Muslims. 

“Muslims are like sacrificial lambs, waiting to be sacrificed,” said Hindu supremacist leader Sakshi Gaikwad in a speech. 

Also speaking at the event was Telangana state BJP leader Raja Singh, a serial hate speech offender who has been previously arrested for making blasphemous comments about Prophet Muhammad. Despite being issued several notices by police for violating the terms of his bail, Singh continues to walk free and spread hatred and propaganda against Muslims. 

During the march, Hindu extremists flooded the streets to demand the criminalization of loudspeakers in mosques and the end of so-called “love jihad,” a conspiracy theory that accuses Muslim men of trying to spread Islam by seducing and converting Hindu women. Despite shouting provocative and hateful slogans, the march was protected by police. 

Renowned historian says India can no longer boast of its democracy, slams Modi

Renowned academic and modern Indian history expert Ramachandra Guha slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for steering India in a “dangerous, divisive and self-destructive direction” due to his Hindu supremacist politics.

“The stigmatization of Muslims is the most worrying development under Narendra Modi,” Guha said. “We can no longer boast of India’s democracy… we are perhaps closer to being a 30:70 democracy.”

“India is becoming ever more of a Hindu country,” Guha added. “The most distinctive feature of the Modi government has been its steady reshaping of politics and political discourse in a Hindu idiom.”

Guha further slammed the Modi regime for its impact on India’s constitutional and democratic institutions, the failure of the Supreme Court to push back against Hindu extremism, the government’s crackdown on peaceful protest and dissent, and the “massive cult of personality” that surrounds Modi, which has led to Hindu extremist Indians rejecting the legacy of Gandhi.

“India has not just forgotten but repudiated Gandhi,” he said. 

Government-organized exhibit on medieval Indian history leaves out Muslim dynasties

Despite the fact that medieval Indian history was characterized by the rise of Muslim dynasties, whose rule strongly influenced the culture, architecture, and politics of the subcontinent, an exhibit organized by the Union Ministry of Education on the time period did not feature a single Muslim dynasty. Meanwhile, 50 Hindu dynasties were included in the exhibition. 

The Modi regime’s move to erase Muslim history and influence from India is part of its goal to turn India into a Hindu supremacist state. Hindu supremacists are also known for spreading misinformation about time periods of Muslim rule, claiming they were uniquely violent and “genocidal” towards Hindus while claiming that Hindu rulers were largely tolerant and benevolent. 

This propaganda version of history, which has been widely condemned by mainstream academics, has been used to justify violence against Muslims through claims that Hindus have “tolerated” Muslims for “too long.”