Hindu Supremacist Woman Says Hindu Extremists Will Cut 60,000 Hijab-Wearing Women Into Pieces - IAMC

Hindu Supremacist Woman Says Hindu Extremists Will Cut 60,000 Hijab-Wearing Women Into Pieces

In a blatant incitement of violence against Muslim women, a Hindu extremist woman associated with the extremist group Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarth Parishad (ABVP) called for the mass slaughter of women wearing the hijab. In a viral video of the incident, a woman named Pooja can be seen making genocidal anti-Muslim comments and inciting violence in front of a gathering of Hindu extremists. 

“If you want hijab all over India, we will chop you all with Shivaji’s sword,” she said amid cheers and applause from the crowd. “We are happy with all the arrests that have been made, but it’s not enough…if you (government) cannot do it…give us 24 hours…let the government give us just one hour…not just these six girls in hijab, we’ll cut 60,000 in hijab into pieces.”

Her comments are reminiscent of the calls for a Muslim genocide made by Hindu extremists in December 2021 in Haridwar city, revealing how normalized calls for mass violence have become in India. 

Delhi Police Slammed In Report By People’s Tribunal For Failing To Prevent Communal Violence In 2020

A report compiled by a people’s tribunal consisting of civil society members and organizations slammed the Delhi police for their “abject failure” in preventing a deadly outbreak of communal violence in 2020, during which 53 people were killed, the majority of them Muslims who were lynched at the hands of Hindu extremist mobs.   

The tribunal reported that despite police having “adequate intelligence and warning indicators of heightened tensions and threats,” they failed to prevent the spread of the riots, instead leaving civilians to “fend for themselves.” The group also reported instances of police misconduct, refusal to take action against powerful people implicated in the violence, trying to extort individuals, acting in a corrupt manner, filing biased and unjust chargesheets. 

This report was presented weeks after Union Minister Amit Shah, a close associate of Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi, praised Delhi police for their “strict” and “fair” investigation into the riots.

Out of 758 riots cases relating to the deadly 2020 Delhi pogroms, charges have been filed for 353 of them, and only two people so far have been convicted for their crimes. Most of the violent Hindu extremist mobs who killed nearly three dozen Muslims during the days’ long violence continue to walk free, as do the leaders of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who encouraged the anti-Muslim violence with slogans such as “shoot the traitors to the nation.” 

Police Report Registered Against Militant Hindu Supremacist Leader Yati Narsinghanand For Hate Speech

Just over a week after dangerous Hindu supremacist leader Yati Narsinghanand was released from judicial custody for calling for the mass slaughter of Muslims and making derogatory comments about women, another police complaint has been lodged against the extremist leader for hate speeches he made in March 2021 against the late former Indian president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, a Muslim.

Narsinghanand had called Abdul Kalam “jihadi number one,” accusing him of selling “formulae for atom bombs to Pakistan.” He also claimed that a Muslim prime minister would “lead India into darkness.”

Petitioners who lodged the complaint against Narsignhanand referred to him as an “enemy of the nation” and a “rabid communalist element” who should be sent behind bars for “attacking the unity of the nation.”

“Hardcore terrorists like him give inhuman calls like the genocide of Muslims during the Dharma Sansad held recently. Such violent extremists must be arrested and sent into long-term imprisonment to maintain peace and communal harmony in society,” the petitioners said in a statement.