'Hindutva groups using poor and unemployed youths in MP to spread hatred - IAMC
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‘Hindutva groups using poor and unemployed youths in MP to spread hatred

Civil society organisations in Madhya Pradesh blamed poverty and unemployment among youth for the upsurge in incidents of mob fury in the name of cow protection and communal violence in the state. The “increasing grip” of Hindutva politics that use such poor and unemployed youths and failure of the state machinery to curb the trend are also to be blamed, they said on Friday.

Representatives of the organisations, who conducted fact finding in two separate incidents of mob fury and communal clash in Seoni and Dewas districts respectively, said it was unfortunate that even the Congress government had not been able to plug the incidents. They demanded firm steps by the government to curb the menace of violence and hatred in MP.

At a press conference held in Bhopal, they accused ‘Hindutva groups’ functioning by the names of Bajrang Dal, Shri Ram Sena and Karni Sena of being those responsible for spurring of such incidents and using the impoverished, poorly educated and unemployed youth to further their cause of hatred.…