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How Hindutva Terror Outfits Hide in Plain Sight – By Subhash Gatade 

Can the provocations of a cabinet minister, who openly raises controversial slogans, be considered a “breach of peace” or are they merely attempts to “gauge people’s mood”, as the minister would have us believe? For more than a month, plenty of controversial slogans have been raised on the streets of India. People are being instigated to “kill the traitors to the country” by members of the ruling dispensation, who are issuing open threats in public as the masses are getting angrier against the CAA, NRC and the NPR.

…This new normal is symptomatic of the rapid erosion of the rule of law in the country.… It was an indication of the concerns raised by people that in 2011 the Maharashtra ATS again prepared a detailed report on Sanatan Sanstha’s activities. In April 2011, the chief minister of Maharashtra at the time, Prithviraj Chavan, recommended to the Centre to ban the outfit – but for unexplained reasons no action was taken. Definitely, the story of Hindutva terror does not end here.…

Remember, there were more bomb blasts that involved Hindutva activists; the Nanded bomb blast on 6 April 2006, at the residence of Laxman Rajkondwar, a Hindutva activist was one. In this blast, Rajkondwar’s son Naresh and another fanatic, Himanshu Panse, had died. Or recall the bomb blast at Bhiku Chowk, Malegaon, on 28 September 2008, executed by a terror module belonging to Abhinav Bharat in which six innocents were killed.