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IAMC Sponsored Investigative Journalism on Illegal Terror Arrests

  1. Muslim youths: India’s most wanted!: Introduction to the series but also analysis piece that covers many cases of harassment of India’s youth mentions UP and Delhi cases.
  2.  Justice denied, now waiting for judgment: Sheikh Hashim Ali’s 13 years’ incarceration: Andhra Pradesh. Covers cases in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka of Hashim Ali who has spent 13 years.  Highlights bias in the legal system.
  3. Journalist Mutti-ur-Rehman takes on the media for their biased reporting:  Karnataka, interview with the victim. Highlights media bias while covering terror stories.
  4.  NIA cleared me of all charges but that terror arrest still haunts my life: Syed Yusuf Nalaband: Karnataka. on the life immediately after the terror acquittal.
  5.  Dr. Ibrahim Ali Junaid healing his own terror tag: Andhra Pradesh. A story of healing and trying to reconstruct life after getting acquitted of terrorism charges.
  6. Terror tale from WB: West Bengal. 2 Muslim youths languishing in jail without chargesheet for 5 years: West Bengal. This story highlights how police frames innocents.
  7. Men in black who stood by the Constitution and justice: Multiple states, positive and inspiring stories of lawyers who stood for justice at a personal cost to them and their families.
  8. JUH and APCR: Two different tracks which responded to the call of justice: Maharashtra, Karnataka. Another positive story of two organizations who are working to provide support to victims of police terror.