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IMC-USA condemns Jaipur blasts; Demands transparent investigation of the incident

May 15, 2008

Indian Muslim Council – USA an advocacy group dedicated to safeguarding India ‘s pluralist and tolerant ethos denounced the bomb blasts in Jaipur, the capital of the northern State of Rajasthan .

IMC-USA appealed for peace and urged all Indians to practice restraint and to not let the perpetrators of these atrocious crimes succeed in dividing Indians along religious and ethnic lines.

According to the current news reports, five bomb blasts have killed 80 people and scores have been injured. The blasts transpired in the crowded markets in a concurrent fashion within a span of ten minutes.

Rasheed Ahmed, President of IMC-USA stated “This is yet another dishonorable and immoral act committed on our society aimed at disturbing peace and harmony of the city’s residents. It deserves denunciation by all people of conscience”. He urged the State and Central govt. to conduct a speedy and transparent investigation of the incident and punish the perpetrators to the full extent of the law.

Rasheed Ahmed further called upon the authorities to remain vigilant in maintaining law and order in the community for the benefit of all of Jaipur’s diverse citizens, and to avoid speculation as to responsible parties until a full investigation is concluded.

IMC-USA expressed its steadfast support to law enforcement in bring the responsible persons to justice. IMC-USA also extended condolences to the victims and their families.

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