IMC-USA condemns the violence in Nandigram; Urges Central Government to take action - IAMC
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IMC-USA condemns the violence in Nandigram; Urges Central Government to take action

Indian Muslim Council – USA (, an advocacy group dedicated towards safeguarding India ’s pluralist and tolerant ethos, deplores the violence carried out by Communist Party of India (Marxist) members in Nandigram, West Bengal. IMC-USA urges the Indian central government to dedicate more resources in bringing the perpetrators to justice and adequately protect the victims of this state sponsored atrocity.

The prolonged violence is being carried out by CPI(M) party cadres against innocent villagers protesting the government acquisition of farmland for industrialization in Nandigram village located in the Indian state of West Bengal. They have wreaked havoc on some of the poorest people in the region with allegations of rape, murder and destruction of property. A complete account of casualties and losses is not available yet but the violence continues unabated. The November violence is a continuation of attacks that have occurred earlier this year.

IMC-USA asserts that the state government of West Bengal should be held accountable for these acts of violence. Rasheed Ahmed, the President of IMC-USA, has stated, “Arming and unleashing a violent unit of workers at protesting villagers to enforce government orders is a fascistic action that should not be tolerated in a democratic society. The workers and their leaders responsible for this course of action must be brought to justice and a strong message needs to be sent that such unlawful behavior will not be allowed in India.”

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