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IMC-USA denounces Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan’s pandering of Bal Thackeray

March 17, 2004

New York, N.Y.,Indian Muslim Council-USA, an advocacy group of Indian-Americans dedicated to the preservation of India’s pluralist ethos, denounced Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan’s pandering of Hindutva-fascist leader Bal Thackeray. Zaheer Khan has reportedly implied to the media that only “subversive” elements of the Indian society consider Hindu militant leader Bal Thackeray as anti-Muslim.

Dr. Shaik Ubaid, President of IMC-USA said, “Bal Thackeray is complicit in the murders of thousands of innocent Indians and his appalling views on Muslims and minorities are well known. To refer to Bal Thackeray as secular is the ultimate insult to secularism.” Bal Thackarey has reportedly expressed satisfaction on the remarks of Zaheer Khan, and that according to Dr. Ubaid, “speaks volumes of Thackeray’s guilt that seeks a certificate of legitimacy from a sportsman.”

Dr. Ubaid further added that Indian Muslims are constantly under pressure from the militant Hindu supremacists to prove their loyalty to India and believes that Zaheer Khan, who has just come off the injury list and is struggling with his form, is under similar pressure.

“Zaheer should cement his place in the Indian team through his performance and not by appeasing mass murderers who consider Adolf Hitler as their role model,” declared Dr. Ubaid.

Dr Ubaid also castigated the Pakistani media for asking questions that would have caused difficulties to Zaheer Khan at the hands of Hindutva-fascists if answered truthfully. “It could be a distraction tactic by the Pakistanis to counter Zaheer’s effectiveness as India’s premier strike bowler.” Dr. Ubaid exhorted the young Indian paceman to tackle the Pakistani media googlies with prudence and stay away from appeasing mass murderers.

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