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In House of Commons, India faces fire for CAA, Delhi riots

India came under fire in the House of Commons on Tuesday with Labour, SNP, Liberal Democrats and Conservative MPs, including Indian-origin MPs, queuing up to criticise the Indian government for the recent violence in Delhi and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and urging the UK government to take stronger action.

At one point, when SNP’s David Linden said they had seen Modi and Trump embracing “in their scramble to get a trade deal” and asked for assurances that the UK would raise these cases “at the highest levels of government” and not ignore human rights when it came to trade deals, junior minister in the FCO Nigel Adams, standing in for foreign secretary Dominic Raab who was in Turkey, said: “Whilst trade is absolutely vital for our economy and future prosperity, this in no way compromises the UK commitment to holding human rights at the core of our foreign policy, and I can guarantee we will not pursue trade to the exclusion of human rights.”

Adams said the events in Delhi were “very concerning”, the UK was monitoring the violence and developments around CAA “closely” and the UK condemned targeting of people based on religion. “Any allegation of human rights abuses is deeply disturbing and we have made it clear these must be investigated thoroughly, promptly and transparently,” Adams said.…


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