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India arrests after women’s heads shaved for resisting rape

Two people have been arrested in India’s Bihar state after a group of men shaved the heads of two women as “punishment” for resisting rape. The group, which included a local official, ambushed the mother and daughter in their home with the intent of raping them, police said.

When the women resisted, they assaulted them, shaved their heads and paraded them through the village.… “We were beaten with sticks very badly. I have injuries all over my body and my daughter also has some injuries,” the mother told the ANI news agency.

The women also said that their heads were shaved in front of the entire village.… What is most worrisome is that the assaulting mob was led by a government official – an elected representative whose job is to look after the welfare of his people, not attack them. The audacity of the crime shows how in parts of India there’s no fear of law.…