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India: Muslim woman breaks her fast to donate blood to Hindu patient

Hindu patient needed O-positive blood that Muslim woman volunteered to provide

During a time when divisiveness is prevalent in India, an instance from Kheri district, Uttar Pradesh is giving people a message of hope.

According to Indian media reports, a Muslim woman broke her fast and donated blood to a Hindu youth and saved his life.

The condition of a resident of Vijay Kumar Rastogi, who lives in the Mishrana community, in Uttar Pradesh’s Pihani town, suddenly worsened.

When brought to the district hospital, it was said that he was in dire need of blood. However, finding the blood type he needed proved to be difficult and even the blood bank could not provide it, reported NDTV India-based television news channel.

A blood bank worker reportedly helped the patient’s family get in contact with a volunteer, Alisha Khan, a resident of Hidayat nagar in Lakhimpur Kheri District, who has O-positive blood, the type Rastogi needed.

Upon listening to the issue, Khan immediately agreed to help.

Breaking her fast, Khan donated her blood to Rastogi whose health has gotten better after receiving it.

Now, Khan is being praised online for her selfless act and people are calling it “the real face of India”.

Twitter user @TheSamirAbbas wrote: “Jai Hind.”

Tweep @kaur_sarbpreet posted: “Salute to this woman.”