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#IndiaForAll: Delhi activist leads a campaign promoting peace and communal harmony

New Delhi| “My name is Rahul Kapoor. I am a Hindu. Hinduism is against all forms of violence. Save India from mob lynching,” when Rahul Kapoor, a social activist from Delhi firmly held this message in his hand while protesting at Jantar Mantar against the mob lynching of Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand, little did he know that such an identity-based counter-narrative as a form of protest against hate crimes would resonate so much with the masses that it would be seen and shared by millions on social media for the next few days.

This led to the foundation of the #IndiaForALL campaign. Started by the activist, the campaign is now being carried forward by the people on social media. Several people have started sharing their own pictures with messages against hate crimes, communal violence and at the same time are also spreading the love by sharing messages of peace and communal harmony. “The #IndiaForAll campaign has a simple message that India belongs to people of all the religions and they should be able to live in the country with peace and harmony and without any fear,” says Rahul Kapoor.

Rahul Kapoor during a candlelight protest against mob lynching at Jantar Mantar


According to him, the #IndiaForALL campaign has two main aims:

  • To spread communal harmony and peace and fill the internet with messages of peace, love and unity
  • To demand a strong law against mob lynching and condemn communal violence in the name of Hinduism and Ram.
Messages from across the country pour in for #IndiaForAll


He also clearly specifies that the campaign is against all forms of communal violence and will use messages of communal harmony, peace and love to fight the narrative of hate being spread by radical forces irrespective of their religious allegiance. Till now, the campaign has received tremendous support and virality on the internet with people sharing unique and innovative messages to promote peace and communal harmony while many have also demanded a stringent law against mob lynching in India. Interestingly enough not everyone has stuck to their religious identity alone to counter the narrative of hate and have come up with their own unique messages. Check out some of the messages from the #IndiaForAll campaign which are getting viral on social media. The most touching of them all is the message from Abhishek who unfortunately lost both his legs in a major train accident two years back.

Link: https://hwnews.in/news/national-news/indiaforall-delhi-activist-leads-campaign-promoting-peace-communal-harmony/106685