India's building a "Hindu Rashtra" through large-scale "Demographic Engineering" - By Andrew Korybko - IAMC
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India’s building a “Hindu Rashtra” through large-scale “Demographic Engineering” – By Andrew Korybko

India is on the path to building a “Hindu Rashtra” – or Hindu fundamentalist state – on its territory through large-scale “demographic engineering” as evidenced by its unilateral “Israeli”-like moves in Kashmir, the planned expulsion of nearly 2 million mostly Muslim “illegal immigrants” from the restive Northeast, and the proposal to reintroduce the controversial “Citizenship Bill” for granting the eponymous to practically all non-Muslim migrants (potentially including illegal ones too).

For as surprised as some observers are to hear about this scheme which for all intents and purposes will inevitably have an element of ethnic/religious/identity cleansing to it, the inconvenient truth is that Modi and the ruling BJP never made any secret about their long-term vision for the country after actually campaigning to carry out all of the three aforementioned policies during the latest elections.

These fascist-inspired hyper-nationalists despise the hundreds of millions of non-Hindus living in their country who they blame for all of its contemporary and historical problems, which is why they want to eventually assimilate the non-Muslim ones while removing several million of their Muslim counterparts in order to set an intimidating example to the rest of their co-confessionals.…