India’s politics of hate have erupted for all the world to witness - By Barkha Dutt - IAMC
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India’s politics of hate have erupted for all the world to witness – By Barkha Dutt

As President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat down to a dinner on Tuesday of cajun-spiced salmon, mutton biryani, marinated leg of lamb and hazelnut apple pie, the family of Shahid Khan, 22, was at New Delhi’s Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital trying to make sense of his murder. Shahid, a rickshaw driver and the youngest of four brothers, was one of more than a dozen of people killed as India’s capital erupted in riots over the government’s contentious citizenship law.

… For Trump, it was a chance to dazzle the Indian audience, with one eye on the influential and wealthy Indian American community during an election year. Modi was also looking to change the headlines from a recent electoral defeat in Delhi, a sluggish economy and some seriously negative press in the global media.

Instead, India’s politics of hate exploded for all the world to witness. Hindus and Muslims clashed violently in a city where they have lived integrated for years. Law and order collapsed. The police was paralyzed and complicit. …it became absolutely clear that it was Muslims who were essentially being terrorized in an organized and deliberate matter.…


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