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Jharkhand Has Shed its Secular Skin, Lynching Incidents are Proof

I had always felt a sense of safety about the fact that my state, Jharkhand, was tremor-proof – a seismically and communally safe-zone. I have always felt that Jharkhand, with its diffused rural settlements, had a spontaneous brotherhood, progressive and secular ideals, and eclectic flavour. The green, pacifist cornucopia of Jharkhand never received due media attention, but the scarcity of crime news was always a welcome deficiency.

However, off late, since the onset of the dual BJP-government to be precise, the Union-state conjugation has led to a consistent spree of hate-crimes in the state, fostering a mutual distrust. To make matters worse, the media neglect, combined with the resigned assumption that a sparse, Adivasi-origin, industrial state can’t be affected with communal tension, has led to this problem becoming dangerous.…

Today, the city is prone to rumour-mongering that is disrupting a harmony hard built over decades. The transition into polarisation was enacted during the past four years. Reportedly, when police rescued Ansari from the mob, comprising of around 50 men, he’d already been rendered unconscious. Doctors said Ansari suffered multiple grievous injuries on his body.…