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Khushwant Singh’s Foresight on Hindutva Fascism – By Humra Quraishi

There was something or everything so very extraordinarily different to Khushwant Singh that even after five years of his passing away he holds sway. At the recently concluded Khushwant Singh Literary Festival at King’s College, London, it got more than apparent that the man’s views and viewpoints were of great significance. Perhaps it wouldn’t be amiss to state that he was far ahead of his times. And, yes, definitely farsighted.

More than a decade back he’d realised the dark, fascist-ridden times we would be confronted with. Mind you, though around then, for most of us there were only those hazy signs that fascism had intruded into our country, but he was farsighted enough to realise that “dark times lay ahead, as fascism has well and truly crossed our thresholds and dug its heels in our courtyard”.

Today as I sit reading, rather re-reading, Khushwant Singh’s book, The End of India(Penguin), I’m more than tempted to quote him from an interview he gave me soon after this book was launched in New Delhi, more than a decade back.…