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‘Let Your Mother Die’, Kashmir Football Star Mehrajuddin Wadoo Recalls Police Encounter

An ace footballer of Kashmir, Mehrajuddin Wadoo today accused the police for detaining him when he was going to see his ailing mother. “This morning I received a call about my mother’s illness. I rushed to see her,” Wadoo told Outlook. 

He revealed that at the Budshah Chowk Nakka, he was stopped by a constable, who allowed him to go ahead when informed about his mother’s illness and her critical condition. However, he said, he was stopped by the police officer in-charge. 

“I told the officer, my mother is very ill and I wanted to see her. Whatever he said was shocking. He told me if your mother is dying let her die. These were the words from the officer in-charge there. I was shocked. He took my vehicle to the police station. Another constable there started abusing me without any reason and took me to the police station in his vehicle,” he said.