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Meet Muslim Man Who Helped A Group Of Hindus Reach Safer Locations During Delhi

Amid the raging communal violence in north-east Delhi earlier this week, there were people who were trying to save people and their families irrespective of what religion they followed. Naeem Ali Pradhan, 34, from Shiv Vihar, helped at least 7-8 Hindus on the night of February 24 – when the violence was at its peak- escape to safer locations. Shiv Vihar is one of the worst affected areas in the violence.

According to Naeem Ali, that night mobs attacked dozens of shops on the road and later tried to enter inside the residential areas. Suddenly, he spotted a group of youth who were looking hassled and frantically asking for directions. “I saw them. They were Hindus who were trying to escape a mob looking to target them. They had lost their way inside the streets of our colony. I along with other Muslim men escorted them to the nearby Hindu locality,” Naeem, who is also a member of the Aman Committee constituted by the Delhi police, told ANI.

“Several shops which were on the roads, including some showrooms, were attacked by a group. These Hindus were worried as a mob which was on the main road was attacking people. They asked me the address of a colony as they were unable to find their way,” Naeem said.… Even amidst violence, there are numerous heartwarming stories of communal harmony where people, keeping their religion aside, came forward to help each other.


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