Minnesota protesters slam India's new citizenship law as biased against Muslims  - IAMC
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Minnesota protesters slam India’s new citizenship law as biased against Muslims 

Malcolm Nazareth felt the need to drive 70 miles from his home in St. Cloud, Minn., to the state Capitol Sunday afternoon to protest what’s happening in his native country. Nazareth, like the roughly 400 others who showed up with him in St. Paul, is alarmed by what he described as India’s slide into “a fascist state.”

“I simply had to be here,” he said. “It is important that people in India feel there are diaspora Indians around the world who are going to stand in solidarity with them and who are willing to use their clout in the corridors of power around the world.”

Recent developments over immigration in India sparked Sunday’s protests, which also occurred in more than two dozen cities across the U.S. on the same day India celebrates its independence.… “The whole scenario bears a stark resemblance to the events that led to the Holocaust,” said Sadia Tarannum, one of the organizers of Sunday’s rally. “It wasn’t with gas chambers at first. It started with the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 that deprived Jews of their citizenship in Germany, which led them to be sent to detention camps.”…