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Minority Politics, Ideology and Mission

Author: M.I. Thanghal
Reviewed by: Udinoor Mohammed Kunhi
Available at: Grace Books, Malappuram. https://www.amazon.in/
Fostering upliftment of Indian Muslims is the essence of Thanghal’s new book (Jan 21, 2019, Twocircles.net)

…India’s booming economy has left the nation’s largest minority group lagging behind. Muslims experience low literacy and high poverty rates, prone to many communal violences now vulnerable to lynching & dissemination of fake news and marginalization, the right wing in power now in India is in an ideological war with the community that which ensured active participation and sacrifices in independence movement to oust the British Imperialists out of country.

Many political experiments to empower Muslim minorities were tried in many parts of India since independence, but the best out of them was ingrained in the state of Kerala without generating hate speeches & grudges among majority community.…

M.I. Thangal, a prominent writer & Columnist of Kerala, proclaims through this book ‘Minority Politics, Ideology & Mission’ the importance of own political party for Indian Muslims, emphasizes political stance of Muslim minority in a plural society. Theoretically and practically analyses issues faced by the community, imparts guidelines and offers solutions to their problems.…