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Modi Government To Erase Legacy of Sheikh Abdullah, Founder of Modern Kashmir

In the latest move of disempowering the people of Kashmir, authorities announced they would remove the image of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah from the police medal for gallantry and meritorious service and replace it with the National Emblem of Government of India.

Abdullah, a famed political icon, founded and led the National Conference (NC) party from the 1930s until his death in 1982. He also served as the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir for 14 years.

This is not the government’s first attempt at erasing Abdullah from history. In January of 2020, the Union Territory (UT) administration removed the “Sher-e-Kashmir” (Lion of Kashmir),  a reference to Sheikh Abdullah, from the police medal for meritorious service. It was renamed Jammu and Kashmir police medal for gallantry and Jammu and Kashmir police medal for meritorious service. The UT also eliminated Abdullah’s December 5 birthday from the list of public holidays.

Many people in Kashmir maintain that the attempt to remove Abdullah’s legacy is just another step taken by the BJP to disempower the people of Kashmir by targeting their identity and history. However, they believe that his legacy cannot be undermined as erasing him from history portrays the erasure of a phase of history.

Violent Protest Strikes Andhra Pradesh after Proposal to Rename District

Protests in Andhra Pradesh’s Amalapuram city set fire to the homes of the Transport Minister Pinipe Viswaroop and Mummudivaram MLA Ponnada Satish, after the State Government’s proposal to rename the newly-created Konaseema district to BR Ambedkar Konaseema district.

The name change was prompted by the demands from Dalit groups to name a district after Ambedkar, who fought for Dalit rights and inspired the Dalit Buddisht movement after renouncing Hinduism.

Several protestors pelted stones and set fire to  police vehicles and buses. The clashes resulted in police personnel and protestors facing injuries.

Andhra Pradesh’s Home Minister Taneti Vanitha expressed how unfortunate the incident was all over naming the district after a “great intellectual like Ambedkar.” She also ensured that a full investigation and action will ensue against the perpetrators and initiators of these protests.

Wedding Procession leads to violent Hindu-Muslim clash

n another incident of communal violence, a clash between Hindus and Muslims left four people hospitalized in Madhya Pradesh’s Kothdi village.

The heated exchange began after after a Muslim marriage procession passed through a temple area playing loud music and dancing. After objections from the Hindus of the area, the confrontation became violent with stones being pelted.

Police from multiple localities were brought in to speak to both sides and alleviate the situation. However, to avoid any further untoward incident, security has been beefed up in the area,” said Ratlam SP Abhishek Tiwari.

A FIR was filed and nine people were booked for indulging in violence.