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Court Claims Shahi Idgah Mosque Is Not Protected From Being Converted Into Temple

In a blatant disregard for the law itself, a court in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura city claimed that the historic Shahi Idgah mosque is not protected by the Places of Worship Act, which makes it illegal for the character of a religious place to be altered.

The court’s statement sets a dangerous precedent, adding fuel to Hindu extremists’ claims that the mosque was illegally constructed on the birthplace of the Hindu deity Krishna and should be torn down to build a temple. The dangerous extremist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which played a role in the violent demolition of the historic Babri masjid, has already applauded the court’s statement.

Advocate Tanveer Ahmed, representing the current leadership of Shahi Idgah, warned that Hindu supremacists will use this opportunity to further abuse the courts in order to legalize the demolition of Muslim monuments and historic mosques.

“In Mathura courts itself, 8-10 pleas have been filed. One has asked for a survey on the lines of the Gyanvapi mosque, another has sought a stoppage of worship in the Idgah. Such superfluous applications are filed to get media space which in turn entices many more [Hindu extremists] to knock at the doors of the judiciary,” he said.

Hindu Extremist Beats Mentally Ill Man To Death Over Suspicion Of Being Muslim

Hindu supremacist Dinesh Kushwaha, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker, was caught on video viciously beating Bhawarlal Jain, a mentally ill elderly man in Madhya Pradesh state. In a shocking video of the incident, ​Kushwaha can be heard demanding to know if Jain is a Muslim.

“What is your name? Mohammed?” ​Kushwaha said while beating Jain, in a clearly religiously motivated attack. He then asked repeatedly for Jain’s ID card, presumably to check his religion based on his name.

Jain succumbed to his injuries and was later found dead. The local ​​BJP chief denounced Kushwaha and stated that he should be punished; however, it is clear that this sympathy was offered due to Jain being non-Muslim. The BJP rarely, if ever, condemns the murder of Muslims by Modi supporters.

Muslim-Owned Homes Demolished In Assam, Police Threaten Survey To Justify Further Demolitions

Muslim home demolition has now spread to Assam state, where police demolished the homes of at least six families after the Batadrava Police Station was set on fire following the custodial death of a local, Safikul Islam.

Islam’s family’s house, as well as the houses of his relatives, were all demolished in the drive.

“These people have criminal records. Even their land documents are doubtful. We have asked the Nagaon DC to survey the entire area to verify the land documents as these might be forged,” said local Superintendent of Police Leena Doley.

In Assam state, where Muslims constantly face the threat of forced statelessness, this survey could lead to dozens more demolitions, leaving several more poor Muslim families vulnerable to further poverty and discrimination.

Hindu Extremist Politicians Walk Free After Anti-Muslim Hate Speeches

Hindu extremist politicians continue to spew hateful rhetoric against Muslims and walk away without consequences. P. C. George, a Hindu supremacist and former member of Kerala state’s legislative assembly, was granted interim relief by the Kerala High Court after making an anti-Muslim hate speech and spreading false propaganda.

George had falsely claimed that tea laced with “drops causing impotence” were sold in Muslim-run restaurants to turn people “infertile” in a bid to “seize control” of the country. Despite spewing obvious lies and encouraging a boycott of Muslim restaurants, George has faced only minimal consequences.

Meanwhile, vitriolic Hindu supremacist Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh state and close ally of Narendra Modi, boasted of the worsening anti-Muslim discrimination in the state since the BJP came to power.

“For the first time in Uttar Pradesh, [congregational prayer] on Eid and on Alvida Juma (last Friday of Ramadan) has not been held on the road,” Yogi said. “Our government has closed the illegal butcher houses in the state… We also removed loudspeakers from religious places.”

Uttar Pradesh remains one of India’s most hateful and anti-Muslim states, leading India in statewide human rights violations.