Muslim man beaten by Hindu extremists in Maharashtra, hospitalized - IAMC
Hindu extremists

Muslim man beaten by Hindu extremists in Maharashtra, hospitalized

In Nanded, Maharashtra, Hindu extremists violently beat a Muslim man, resulting in the victim being hospitalized due to his injuries. 

Last week, a video circulated by Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal showed their supporters beating Muslim men in the same city over social media comments. 

Hindu extremists assault Muslim driver, set his vehicle ablaze 

In Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, a group of Hindu extremists assaulted a Muslim driver and set his auto rickshaw ablaze after he objected to their forcibly applying colors on a passenger during the Hindu religious festival of Holi. 

Muslims across multiple Indian states reported incidents of molestation, violence, and harassment during Holi celebrations.

Hindu extremists open fire outside mosque in Haryana

In far-right BJP-ruled Haryana’s Gurugram, Hindu extremists fired shots outside a mosque on the eve of Holi. An eyewitness reported that the extremists attempted to break into the mosque and threatened to shoot him.

More Than 150 Attacks On Christians In India In Just 75 Days Of 2024: report

A report by the United Christian Forum, a human rights organization based in the capital city of Delhi, has documented over 150 attacks on Indian Christians since the beginning of 2024, pointing to “clear evidence of state-sponsored harassment of Christians”.

UCF’s 2023 report had predicted that the number of attacks in 2024 were likely to set a new record compared to those of the previous years, drawing closer to the widespread levels of vigilante violence against Muslims and Dalits.