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Muslim Youth Brutally Attacked by Mob in Delhi’s Jaitpur, Rescued by Hindu Friend’s Relatives

In the last week of May, just within five days of BJP winning a landslide mandate in the general elections and three days of PM Modi’s speech in the Parliament’s Central Hall urging his leaders to win confidence of Muslims, a youth in Delhi’s Jaitpur was threatened, abused with communal slurs and beaten badly by a mob for allegedly being a Muslim.

However, the hate crime left a streak of silver lining. He was rescued by the relatives of his Hindu friend who reached just in time to save him.

On May 28, Mohammad Sajid, a resident of Jaitpur Extension Part 2, who works as a salesman in the same area, was returning home from the shop with his friend Gaurav. When the two youth reached near the Gurudwara of Jaitpur, they were waylaid by a large group of youths who attacked both Sajid and Gaurav. While Gaurav, somehow managed to escape, Sajid was caught and brutally assaulted by the miscreants. After knowing the fact that Sajid is a Muslim, they violently beaten him.…